Christian attitude in the South African liberal democracy


Christian attitude in the South African liberal democracy
Vorster, J.M. (Koos)


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First edition: 2007

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After the emergence of a Liberal Democracy in South Africa in 1994, Christians and churches here were confronted with a new moral environment. This new environment is characterized by the constitutional principle of the separation of church and state, the introduction of a bill of fundamental rights and a liberal society with a social-humanist morality. The new society is constructed on the pillars of human dignity, equality and freedom and the Bill of Rights introduced a new value system that is systematically being unfolded by decisions of the constitutional court. Furthermore, a neo-liberal economic philosophy and policy accompany the Liberal Democracy. The community has also witnessed the immense rise of secularization and rationalization in the latter decades of the twentieth century. These influences have changed patterns of belief and worship, and poses new opportunities and challenges to Christians and churches.


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