Liturgical Involvement in Society


Liturgical Involvement in Society
De Klerk, B.J. (Ben)
ISBN: 9780869552018

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First edition: 2013


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“The South African and Sub-Saharan societies are not only very religious and in many cases also Christian societies, but they are accordingly also worshipping societies. In these societies worship and liturgy play a very important role. Can we for example imagine the transformation of the South African society over the past decades without the vital role that worship services have played in it? This book is a much needed reflection on liturgical involvement in society by one of South Africa’s foremost Reformed liturgists. The theme discussed in this book such as liturgical enculturation and reconciliation will be central themes in the theological debates for some time to come. The reflection of these themes is thorough and well position within a classical Reformed theological paradigm. This is an invaluable contribution to an on-going discussion with many valuable guidelines in line with a practical theological approach.”  – Prof. CAS Wepener, University of Pretoria


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