Conceiving a sermon: From exegesis to delivery


Conceiving a sermon: From exegesis to delivery

Janse van Rensburg, Fika (Ed)
De Klerk, Ben J
De Wet,  Fritz W
Lamprecht, At
Marius Nel, Marius
Wim Vergeer, Wim

ISBN: 9780869552285

PRYS: R220-00

Eerste uitgawe: 2015

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Conceiving a sermon: from exegesis to delivery originated from the need to demonstrate and experience in a tangible way the unity of the theological disciplines in the process of making a sermon (specifically Exegesis, Hermeneutics and Homiletics). The book in a systematic and didactic manner equips and guides the reader to master a method, giving a theoretical basis for each step and illustrating this step on a pericope from both the Old Testament and the New Testament. The six authors, representing three church traditions, share with each other the conviction that the Bible is the time-directed eternal Word of God – addressed tó humans thróúgh humans. They believe that God speaks through the proclamation of the message of the Bible. It is their prayer that the God of the Word will use this book to equip each pastor that shares their conviction – irrespective of the church tradition – to the honour of God.


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